Trailer Blaze Residents 2024

We’re excited to welcome these residents to this year’s Trailer Blaze Comics Residency! Residents were selected based on strong proposals and work samples from a pool of 54 applicants. Thanks to all who took the time to apply.

Madeline Berger, Ellen O’Grady, Julia Mata, Lauren Weinstein, Yasmeen Abedifard, Molly Anne Bishop, Ree Artemisa, Amelia Miller; invited artists Weng Pixin, Ellen Forney, Alex Barsky; and alumni ambassadors Myra Lara, Natalie Dupille, and Kelly Froh.

Trailer Blaze 2022

Trailer Blaze 2022 really, truly happened after a 2 year postponement, and it made the experience even more special. 

This year we welcomed new residents Veronika Muchitsch (UK), Melanie Stevens (OR), Krusty Wheatfield (CA), Lenora Yerkes (DC), Janna Morton (MD), Rachel Scheer (Seattle); invited artists Lydia Fu (IL), Katie Fricas (NY); alumni, local mentors Mita Mahato, E.T. Russian, Lauren Armstrong, Megan Kelso, and Kelly Froh.  Read more…

Trailer Blaze 2019

The concentrated time spent at Trailer Blaze, with such an amazing and diverse group of artists, was exactly what I needed to reconnect to both my work and myself.    – Jessica Hoffman

Read more…

Trailer Blaze 2015

Our first Trailer Blaze residency was a success, and so much fun! Eroyn Franklin, Kelly Froh, Janice Headley, Sarah Stuteville, Jessica Hoffman, Robyn Jordan, Mita Mahato, and Lee Bess hunkered down to work on their projects, give & receive feedback, take walks on the beach, and join up for great meals! Read more…