Trailer Blaze 2015

Our first Trailer Blaze residency was a success, and so much fun! Eroyn Franklin, Kelly Froh, Janice Headley, Sarah Stuteville, Jessica Hoffman, Robyn Jordan, Mita Mahato, and Lee Bess hunkered down to work on their projects, give & receive feedback, take walks on the beach, and join up for great meals!

Nicole Georges approached us with an idea for a residency for women, to take place at her beloved Sou’Wester, and Eroyn & Kelly immediately began to plan it!

We received a 1-night visit from Nicole and Liz Prince! 
Eroyn on the beach.
Jessica, Lee, Robyn looking at each others’ work.
Kelly at kitchen table studio!
Jessica brought a ‘vintage’ printer for use on her project.
Breakfast gathering on our last day!