Trailer Blaze 2024

Our 8th Trailer Blaze comics residency concluded on April 19th. We had an incredible week on the coast! We drew in our trailers and rooms and at picnic tables in the sun, spent many hours in the sauna, took long walks on the beach (and one plunge! A wave took Madeline’s glasses!), were visited often by Mr. Big (the tiniest dog) and Meatball (the campus cat).  Alex harvested velella velella from the beach and roasted them with salt as an appetizer. We had delectable group dinners on the top floor and balcony, and Julia built a fire for us in the outdoor fireplace. There were side trips to the Antique Mall and Cape Disappointment, but for the most part, work happened: comic pages of many sizes on many kinds of paper, ideas organized on Post-It notes, outlines typed up, and breakthroughs were made.

Thanks to Mary, Thandi, and everyone at The Sou’Wester. Thanks to Kiki, Kristina, Shoshana, Natalie, Chris T., and everyone who helped us get there!

Keep up with these artists:

Madeline Berger, Ellen O’Grady, Julia Mata, Lauren Weinstein, Yasmeen Abedifard, Molly Anne Bishop, Ree Artemisa, Amelia Miller; invited artists Weng Pixin, Ellen Forney, Alex Barsky; and alumni ambassadors Myra Lara, Natalie Dupille, and Kelly Froh.