Over the past 13 years, our yearly comics and arts festival has grown into a highly anticipated community event, important to artists and audiences alike for its celebration and showcasing of experiments in printmaking and innovative storytelling, and referred to by many as “comics Christmas.” The Seattle Review of Books declared Short Run “Seattle’s Best Book Festival” and that, “‘Short Run’ has become a shorthand for a very particular aesthetic: supportive, enthusiastic, eager for new work and new talent and new artistic perspectives. It’s becoming an institution of its own.”

Short Run is an antidote for digital fatigue. In this time of increasing media homogeneity, ad-based creative content, and the fragmentation of many artistic communities, Short Run represents an opportunity for artists to connect with each other and their audience of readers. Our festival functions to cross-pollinate creative passions, reenergize artists, and spark the imagination of new generations of both artists and readers who have only just realized what pen, pencil, ink, paint, and paper can do. Short Run is not a networking opportunity, but a community event—bringing together people from across the Puget Sound region and the world in a celebration of the fun, iconoclastic, radical, and sometimes freaky world of book- and zine-making. In centering both seasoned and new artists, the festival honors the idea that the comix medium is at its best when it stretches to include a multitude of perspectives, styles, backgrounds, and experiences.

Thank you for your past donations that have helped to make everything we do possible. No local art nonprofit can survive without community support. Now is the time to give to the organizations that facilitate the art & culture you love in Seattle. 

Thank you immensely on behalf of the Board of Directors,

Kelly Froh

Executive Director

Short Run’s VENMO business profile: @shortrunseattle

Short Run Seattle is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization. Our EIN # is 30-0806862. Your donations may be tax deductible. Our Form 990 tax return can be viewed online at

Pic above is of Alex Chiu