Trailer Blaze Residency 2022

After a 2 year delay, the 2020 residents will be heading to Seaview on April 17-22, 2022! 

We are honored that so many artists took the time to share their work with us. We received almost 60 applications for 6 open slots! Receiving this much interest in the time, space, and company that Trailer Blaze offers has solidified what we already knew: this kind of opportunity away from home to focus on a project with the support of your creative peers is so important. 

This year we welcome new residents Veronika Muchitsch (UK), Melanie Stevens (OR), Sophia Zarders (BC), Krusty Wheatfield (CA), Lenora Yerkes (DC), Janna Morton (MD), Rachel Scheer (Seattle); invited artists Lydia Fu (IL), Katie Fricas (NY); alumni, local mentors Mita Mahato, E.T. Russian, Lauren Armstrong, Megan Kelso, and Kelly Froh. 

Wish us success as we spend a week together hunkering down on our projects and having fun on Long Beach!

Alumni mentors serve many roles: leading drawing & writing activities, nature walks, group discussions, and providing transportation from Seattle to Seaview, WA for out of state and out of country residents.