Trailer Blaze 2022

Trailer Blaze 2022 really, truly happened after a 2 year postponement, and it made the experience even more special. 

This year we welcomed new residents Veronika Muchitsch (UK), Melanie Stevens (OR), Krusty Wheatfield (CA), Lenora Yerkes (DC), Janna Morton (MD), Rachel Scheer (Seattle); invited artists Lydia Fu (IL), Katie Fricas (NY); alumni, local mentors Mita Mahato, E.T. Russian, Lauren Armstrong, Megan Kelso, and Kelly Froh. 

The specter of COVID was with us always, but each having our own trailer or Lodge room was a great way to be distanced even when we there as a group. Luckily we were able to have dinners together on the Lodge outdoor balcony. The rain always took a break (sometimes minutes before) dinner was to be served! Every other day was sunny and absolutely beautiful, and even when it was raining, it still felt magical (the trees, the moss, the croaking frogs, the crashing waves, the pink wash in the sky…) A polar plunge happened, and we watched a whale decay over the week. We got A LOT of work done, breakthroughs were made, and these new friendships will hopefully last forever! 

Thanks to the Sou’Wester, Thandi, Nikki, Kathy, and all the generous staff. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!