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Comic page by Jamaica Dyer


Are you stuck at home? Are your anxieties through the roof? We’d like to collect 1-page comics about what your daily life looks like now, whether it be good or bad. We’d like to share what this experience LOOKS like. Pages will be reprinted in a quick & dirty old-school photocopied zine (once we feel safe going out to print it), in the meantime, we’ll post the comics on our tumblr page and share the link widely. Stick to 5.5″ x 8.5″ digest mini-comic format so that we can easily put it together. No deadline, comics will be loaded as they are received.

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The DASH GRANT! (temporarily on hold)

UPDATE: Short Run’s Dash Grant is temporarily on hold! All applications received will be held until further notice, and the applicants will have a chance to refresh their application before judging. 

This micro-grant is for self-publishers who could use the help to finish their comic. Because of our fundraising efforts, we are able to double the cash amount previously offered. Guidelines are below.  Read more…

Trailer Blaze 2020 Residents

***UPDATE: Trailer Blaze Comics Residency postponed 1 year due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19 and our state’s mandated quarantine. All residents will be welcomed back next year with no additional application.***

We are honored that so many artists took the time to share their work with us. We received almost 60 applications for 6 open slots! Receiving this much interest in the time, space, and company that Trailer Blaze offers has solidified what we already knew: this kind of opportunity away from home to focus on a project with the support of your creative peers is so important.  Read more…

Dash Grant winner 2019 Rumi Hara

We’re so thrilled that our Dash Grant winner Rumi Hara was able to come to Seattle a few days early and screen print her covers for her gorgeous new mini-comic, The Peanut Butter Sisters. She had this to say, “I had a wonderful time in Seattle! It was amazing being part of the Short Run community, meeting new friends through comics and being inspired to keep making more books. I’m so grateful for the time and space and all the encouragement I was given to make the new comic.”

Read more…

Interview: Abraham Díaz

Short Run was excited to invite Abraham Díaz to Seattle as a special guest for this year’s festival. Unfortunately, Abraham’s visa application was denied by U.S Customs and Border Patrol. Despite this, Short Run has been committed to ensuring that the Short Run community connects with Abraham’s work in his absence. Short Run board member Lylianna Allala video conferenced with Abraham and they talked about horror films, comics, punk music and the power that exists in between the margins. What you are about to read is in Spanglish and stays true to the spirit of how their conversation unfolded.   Read more…

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