Dash Winner 2017 Rebecca Artemisa



Rebecca’s proposed comic re-tells the Mexican urban legend/ghost story of La Llorona (the weeping woman). The comic will include retablos (devotional paintings) dedicated to her legend, as well as interactive ghost story instructions for the reader, spells, brujeria (witchcraft), and will be done entirely from La Llorona’s silent, observant perspective. We were captivated by her beautiful gouache paintings and story synapsis and are excited to see the finished comic! 

More on Rebecca Artemisa: My work is inspired by my own Mexican/Chicanx-Indigenous heritage and upbringing, and is also inspired by my queerness. I have no formal training in the arts, I only have a high school degree. In fact I used to unload trucks and work in bakeries making pan dulce before I found a beautiful life making paintings, comics, and zines. 

Rebecca will receive $250, a free half table at our festival, mentorship by Tom Hart, a place in our annual art show at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, and access and instruction at Fogland Studios screen print shop.