Eroyn Franklin retires from Short Run after 7 years

Retirement message from Eroyn Franklin, co-founder and Creative Director 

For the last seven years, I woke up each day and knew that I was a part of something big and inspiring. From the very beginning, Short Run was my work, my community, my love, and I poured everything I had into it.  Kelly Froh (Short Run’s Executive Director) and I would huddle together, minds alit with possibility, coming up with projects, collaborating with artists, curating experiences, and then miraculously figuring out all the logistics to make it happen. That kind of work fulfills a particular part of my creative life, but I often felt depleted when I wanted to make my own work.

Kelly and I had no idea how much Short Run would develop when we signed on. That growth was thrilling, but it became harder for me to balance my creative work, Short Run, and all the other jobs I needed to pay rent. I worked too much, slept too little, and was emotionally exhausted. It was devastating to realize that I had to let go of Short Run for my own well-being.

Kelly Froh & Eroyn Franklin, 2016; photo by Alex Stonehill


A year ago, Kelly and I started planning a strategy that ensured the continuation of Short Run under Kelly’s leadership. We have carefully selected a new and active board of directors who share our vision for Short Run and who will help Kelly carry the organization into its next phase. If you love what we built and want to make sure it thrives, please continue to support Kelly and Short Run as you always have. Without me, Short Run will survive, but without all of you, it won’t. Offer what you can—time, money, energy, and participation in Short Run events will help keep the organization and the community we’ve built together fueled and going strong.


Since coming to this decision, I have been able to focus diligently on making my own comics. I spent all of February at Caldera Arts, an artist residency in Central Oregon where I was able to take risks with my work in a way that I never have before. Since then, I completed a fictional story that will be coming out in an upcoming NOW anthology (published by Fantagraphics Books) and I just finished up Vantage #3, a sculptural book documenting the hikes I did at the residency.

In the fall, I’ll be part of the graphic design program at Seattle Central College and hope to one day design accessible and engaging apps and products that make our lives better—working in fields like healthcare, public safety, social justice, and art.

I will be at Short Run events and behind the table at the festival. I will continue to offer my support to Short Run in ways that are sustainable for me. I feel endlessly fortunate to be a part of Short Run, which has been and will always remain my community.


Original founders in 2011: (L to R) Martine Workman, Kelly Froh, Jenny Gialenes, Eroyn Franklin


2013: Comics Prom with Kelly, Eroyn, Janice Headley, and 3 VIP volunteers (now Advisory Board Members) Bryan Littlefield, Jessica Lopez, and McKenna Haley


2014: Eroyn, Kelly, and Janice Headley (our PR Director for 3 years); photo by Alex Stonehill


After-party 2016: Eroyn, Kelly, and some (not all) of our crew: Megan Kelso, Emilie Bess, Robyn Jordan, Jessica Hoffman, Gillian Rhodes, and Mita Mahato; photo by Allyce Andrew


“The Imagination Hut” finally realized, at SOIL gallery in 2017. Megan, Mita, Jessica, Kelly, Robyn, Eroyn, Meredith Li-Vollmer, Sarah Romano-Diehl


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