Table Map



Fisher Pavilion (All day) 

(Outside) Free grilled cheese by Sourdough On The Go! food truck

(Entrance) One Million Tampons! Menstrual products donation drive 

S:108 Bake Sale! Sweet & savory baked goods & freshly brewed coffee

S:107 Soft Space by ASMRtist Lauren Moore – a circus for shy people 

S: 106 Animation Tent tribute to Bruce Bickford (curated by Clyde Petersen & SEAT)

R:102-103 Short Run Merch & Info table: 2019 fest t-shirt, tote, poster

R:101 Paranormal interactive experiences with Liminal Earth

R:97-98 Fogland Studios – live screen printing totes & bookmarks

A:01 Voter Registration


Vera Project (Stage Room)

1:00 – 2:30 pm The Illumination of Jim Woodring, (97 min) screening and Q&A with Jim Woodring and director Chris Brandt, moderated by Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth 


Vera Project (Gallery)

Outside/In –  Art show featuring large prints by Cole Pauls, Jul Gordon, Jesse Simpson, and Dennis Madamba on the theme of otherness, sameness, and the fears and fantasies that sit in the meeting places between the two