Short Run Slideshow Series

Short Run Slideshow Series showcases the work of four Seattle comic artists—Lauren Armstrong, Megan Kelso, Myra Lara, and Meredith Li-Vollmer—and their processes of stepping outside of their familiar ways of working. In recent individual projects, each artist confronted unique challenges that inspired them to stretch their usual approaches to research, collaboration, and the comics medium. This video series, taking the slideshow as its model, brings together the artist’s voice with images of the artwork to highlight these new directions. 

Made possible by Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University, and the amazing video producer Molly Mac, with graphic design by Yasmine Eady, and the video title card by Melissa Kagerer.

WATCH HERE. We hope you will click around the site, read the statements and bios, and watch all 4 videos of these incredible artists and the intro by Kelly Froh.



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