HOT MACHINES a Risograph art show

Short Run and Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery present: HOT MACHINES

OCT 10 – NOV 11   (all day opening on Saturday, October 10th)

Hot Machines is a Risograph art show featuring prints and books printed at Paper Press Punch (Jessica Hoffman & Justin Quinlan, Georgetown) and Cold Cube Press (Aidan Fitzgerald & Michael Heck, Pioneer Square), two homegrown small businesses hanging on through it all –

Risographs are based on a stencil-and-ink system, while photocopiers use electrostatically charged toner particles, like a laser printer. Developed in 1986 by the Riso Kagaku Corporation, the style of reproduction from Risograph has become extremely popular with the comic, zine and small press community for its unique look, affordability, and more eco-friendly rice inks. 

Cold Cube Press artists: Lamb, Karissa Sukumoto, Hue Nguyen, Jacob Rochester, Michael Olivo, Kayla Wroblewski & Kit Landwehr, Cynthia Alfonso, Albie, Erin Halligan

Paper Press Punch artists: Lauren Norby, Esther Lui & Priscella Boatwright, Elaine Lin, Lauren Armstrong, Raven Two Feathers & Jonny Cechony, Katie Kurz, Iris Jay & Nero O’Reilly & Kory Bing, Chris Furniss, Lauren Maxwell, Christopher Michon, Jeremiah Moon, Cable Griffith, Jordan Kay, Jarad Soloman, Dennis Madamba, Rosie Lockie

Founded in 2015, the mission of Paper Press Punch was to create a community space for artists, writers, designers, and everyone in between to learn and print in our Risograph print and book studio. After we expanded our space in 2017, our monthly workshops and open studio sessions grew and a wonderful community was created. The business shutdown and continuing risk and restrictions have caused us to rethink what community means. We can no longer hold workshops and open studio sessions. It has been a devastating blow to our business but we continue to offer resources for the art community in the form of print promotions for discount printing, free services for activists and Black voices, and our newly created Zine of the Month Club. ZOMC is a monthly club for folks that want to create and exchange single sheet Risograph books printed by us. We are hopeful for the future, as we adjust to this new reality.

Cold Cube is a Risograph printing press and small press publishing house specializing in art books, zines, alternative comics, and poetry. We make collaborative books with artists from all over the world. We are committed to the idea that book making is a viable and equitable way of making art and engaging with the community.

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery is open with safety precautions in place: no more than 5 people in the store at one time, no admittance without a mask, hand sanitizer available.

(Banner image by Kayla Wroblewski & Kit Landwehr, Text Design by Aidan Fitzgerald)

Thank you to 4Culture for financial support for this project.


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