Short Run celebrates and strengthens Seattle’s lauded comix and arts community.

Short Run focuses on the medium of comics as a coalescence of art and literature. We believe in the intimate experience of holding a book in your hands. That’s why we highlight artists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world who make indie comix and self-published, small press, and handmade books of all kinds. We want to ensure that Seattle is considered a destination for small press artists, and a percolator of comics genius. We achieve this vision by:

Organizing events for Seattleites including our annual Short Run Comix & Arts Festival, which showcases both emerging and established artists, creating a space for discovery, inspiration, and above all, quality work.

Creating opportunities for artists to foster friendships and mentorships, grow their audience,  dedicate time to making new work, fund projects, publish work, and make money as an artist.

Facilitating educational programming for all ages and skill sets in order to invite and support under-represented and diverse perspectives through study and craft of the medium.

We are committed to creating safe spaces where no one is made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of gender identity or expression, sexual preference, race, ethnicity, age, and physical or mental ability. We strive to create an atmosphere free of harassment and the threat of violence.

Email us at:  info@shortrun.org 

Eroyn Franklin, Creative & Development Director

Kelly Froh, Executive Director

Board of Directors: Mita Mahato, Jessica Powers, Otts Bolisay, Emilie Bess, Megan Kelso

Advisory Board: Jon Horn, ET Russian, Robyn Jordan, Bryan Littlefield, Jessica Lopez, McKenna Haley, Jessica Hoffman, Meredith Li-Vollmer, Arabella Bautista, Clyde Petersen, Elaine Lin, Eric Carnell


What people are saying about Short Run:

“It’s fiercely independent, and that spirit has enabled its exhibitors to demonstrate an ownership that you don’t find in other conventions.”  Paul Constant, The Seattle Review of Books

It felt like a weekend-long celebration of the local cartoonists and comics scene in Seattle. Which was great because there were a ton of cartoonists worth celebrating there… I went into Seattle feeling like I knew almost no one in the town at all. At the end of the weekend, I left feeling like Seattle is one of the greatest comics cities I’ve ever visited.”  Sean Ford

“Short Run Seattle curates some truly excellent art weirdos and their festival is always a subversive delight – one of the bestest, most Seattle, events of the PNW year.”  Jennifer K. Stuller 

Short Run is the real thing. It’s well organized, artist friendly, and community oriented in the kind of way I always wish shows were. Not only has it proven to be a valuable place for me to come and share my own work, but it’s also been a place to come and discover new and unusual publications and connect with other creators of this oddball art form.”  Theo Ellsworth 

Rob Salkowitz on Short Run for ICv2.“To someone who had been to way too many ‘everything Cons’ in the past 12 months, both Short Run and CAB were great ways to reconnect with the creativity of comics in intimate settings devoid of hype and commercialism.”


Founded in 2011 by Eroyn Franklin, Kelly Froh, Martine Workman, and Jenny Gialenes.

Short Run Seattle became a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization in 2014.