The DASH GRANT! (temporarily on hold)

UPDATE: Short Run’s Dash Grant is temporarily on hold! All applications received will be held until further notice, and the applicants will have a chance to refresh their application before judging. 

This micro-grant is for self-publishers who could use the help to finish their comic. Because of our fundraising efforts, we are able to double the cash amount previously offered. Guidelines are below. 

You will:

  • Receive a $500 grant to produce your book to premiere at Short Run 2020.
  • Have free access to Fogland Studios silkscreen co-op in Seattle and optional instruction the week of the festival
  • Receive online mentorship from special guest (TBA)
  • Have your artwork featured in our annual group art show at Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery.
  • Receive a free half table (4 ft x 2.5 ft) at the festival.

How to Submit

EMAIL US (subject line: “Dash Grant”) 

  • Up to 5 recent work samples that reflect the aesthetic of the project. Send direct links to work on your website or send a file sharing link (Dropbox or the like) with 5 images under 2 MB each
  • A project description (up to 1 page) which should include:
    • your contact info
    • synopsis
    • # of pages
    • timeline for the project with details 
    • any additional info that will help us envision your project

We are an alternative small press festival and the project we choose to receive the Dash grant will reflect that.

It can be experimental, traditional, a mini-comic, a graphic novel, black and white, or full color. We don’t care so long as it reflects awesome, innovative, comix storytelling. The project also must be a solo endeavor—not an anthology (though we may consider collaborations between two people). Check out previous winners here.

We want to promote you and your work so you must be present at Short Run and your book must premiere at Short Run. Printing at Fogland and mentorship are optional. Your project must be a self-published work. You must be at least 18 years old or have parental approval. You will receive 50% of the funds up front and 50% after Short Run.

Thanks to Kazimir Strzepek for the dynamic Dash promo art.