Call For Trailer Blaze Residency Applications

This year’s residency will take place April 14-19th, 2019. How to submit:

Your application consists of:

  • 5-10 work samples of recent work that reflects the aesthetic of the project. Send direct links to work on your website or send a file sharing link (Dropbox or Google Drive) with at least 5 images under 2 MB each.
  • A 1 paragraph artist bio (answers question “who are you?” also please include your city/state/country).
  • A project description (up to 1 page) which should include:
    • synopsis
    • # of pages
    • timeline for the project
    • any additional info that will help us envision your project
    • what you hope to gain from a week-long residency

Send application via email to with “Trailer Blaze 2019” in the subject line.

Applications will be accepted from January 2nd to February 26th, with residents being announced on March 1st. 


Residency takes place at The Sou’Wester Lodge and Vintage Trailer Park, in Seaview, WA, on Long Beach. The Sou’Wester has a rich tradition of supporting artists and musicians. They have extended discounted artist’s rates to us for the past 5 years.

Applicants must have a project to work on. Most residents will work all day, with periodic breaks for walking or biking along the beach, reading in a hammock, sitting in the sauna, or taking in some of the numerous attractions in Seaview.

Residents will stay in their own full-sized, renovated Airstream trailer or a spacious Lodge room. Both have a bedroom, bathroom*, kitchen, and sitting room with desk or table. Preferences will try to be accommodated but you might be asked to compromise. Residents are responsible for their own breakfast, lunch, and snacks, but each evening all residents will convene for a group dinner.

(Drawing by Liz Prince)

We will arrange several chances for you to show and receive feedback on your work. This is completely optional, but previous residents have expressed how valuable these sessions were.

The cost of this residency is approximately $175-$265 for a week’s lodging, plus your own food and food for 1 group meal for 12, (split with one other resident). Residents are responsible for their own travel, though ride shares are often easily arranged. 

If you are a person who needs 5-star accommodations, this residency is not for you. It will be April, which is often cold and rainy. It is sometimes a little musty or moist. But if you are onboard for a true Pacific Northwest experience, and you are chill and go-with-the-flow, please apply!

Each year we have a good mix of alumni, invited artists and artist applicants. Please let us know in your application if financial assistance would help you be able to attend.

*A few trailers have a toilet and sink but no shower, but the Sou’Wester has 2 private shower rooms on the grounds, plus a shower in the sauna room, so there are plenty of places to shower (if that’s your thing!)

We welcome your questions at