Trailer Blaze 2017 – Apply today!



What the application entails:

  • 10 work samples of recent work that reflects the aesthetic of the project. Send direct links to work on your website or send a file sharing link (Dropbox or the like) with 10 images under 2 MB each.
  • A resume.
  • A project description (up to 1 page) which should include:
    • synopsis
    • # of pages
    • timeline for the project
    • any additional info that will help us envision your project
    • what you hope to gain from a week-long residency

More information about The Sou’Wester Lodge.

TB- trailers

My experience at Trailer Blaze was valuable for two reasons: it gave me precious solitude and time to delve deeply into my work on comics, and it also gave me a chance to connect with other artists…something I find difficult to do in my regular life, when I spend a lot of time being a parent and a caregiver.  – Megan Kelso






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