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photo by Paul Tumey

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Krish printing
Krish Raghav screen printing at Fogland Studios

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In 2018, Short Run donated their collection of over 1,000 mini-comics and zines to The Vera Project, an incredible all-ages, volunteer-run art & music venue.

We also co-sponsored the national, group exhibition “Comix Body” at the Kittredge Gallery at the University of Puget Sound. The exhibit will consider how bodies move through the world – as sensitive skin, as vulnerable meat, as human and as animal. More about the exhibition here. 

Photo by Peter H Stanley


Kelly Froh, E.T. Russian, and Whit Taylor

Short Run was the signature sponsor of the 2017 Comics and Medicine Conference at The Seattle Public Library. For more info, check out the Graphic Medicine site.

Art by E.T. Russian

In 2016, Short Run curated a print & zine fair for the opening night of the Seattle Art Museum’s Graphic Masters exhibit.