Looking for online comics workshops?

There’s lots of great online content out there to keep you inspired and help you keep up your drawing and comics-making practice. 

FOR KIDS: Creative Start Studio 

These art-focused video tutorials and downloadable lesson plans are designed for parents, families, caregivers, and educators of children ages 3 to 8.


The Believer Magazine has recorded 1-hour facilitated prompts with tons of great comic artists such as Nicole Georges, Jonathan Hill, Gina Wynbrandt, Leslie Stein, Leela Corman, and Malaka Gharib!

For artist talks and panels, check out the recorded content from CXC (Cartoonist Crossroads Columbus) Festival; Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VanCAF); San Francisco Zine Fest (SFZF); and Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE). 

As part of CXC, is also SÕL-CON, the Black, Brown and Indigenous Comics Fest at Ohio State.

Here are just a few examples:

Learn 12 Different Watercolour Textures with Kirsten Hatfield

Kirsten Hatfield shows how to create 12 different watercolor textures with water and objects found around the home.

Talk & Teach: Financial Wellness  

This talk covers healthy approaches to identify realistic business and personal expenses, strategize to build wealth through savings, and plan for tax obligations effectively.

Self-care Comics with Nicole Georges

Develop a daily practice of combining comics and self-care by charting your emotions and drawing yourself into joyful and soothing situations with Nicole Georges.


This series from Radiator Comics (in FL) is really great for beginners.

Hands On: Drawing Diary Comics with Summer Pierre

Hands On: Building Your Zine with Neil Brideau