International Artists at Short Run

Short Run is Seattle’s local comix art festival, with almost 50% of the exhibitors being from the Pacific Northwest. But we also are committed to making it possible for national and international guests to attend to help widen our artistic and cultural perspectives and to work collaboratively across borders. 

Charlene Man

We’ve welcomed artists from the following countries: China, Taiwan, South Africa, Lebanon, Croatia, Sweden, France, Russia, Norway, Greece, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, The Philippines, Germany, Canada, The UK. Here are just a few of these artists:


Chou Yi and Yusuke Nagaoka 


Hatem Imam


Anna Sailamaa


Krish Raghav


Jean de Wet


Anna Haifisch


Ivana Pipal

Photos on this page by Alex Stonehill, Jessica Lopez, and Alida Bevirt.