2019 Short Run Special Guests and Exhibitors


Special Guests in BOLD

(alphabetized by first name or business name)

A.T. Pratt, Alejandra Espino, Alisha Davidson, Amara Sherm, Amber Huff, Amy Camber, Amy Zhou Publishing, Anders Nilsen, Andrea Lukic, andrea marcos, Angela Boyle, Angela Pan, Archive Six, Ashley Caswell, Ashley Robin Franklin, Asterisk Press, Awkward Ladies Club

Ben Duncan, Ben Horak, Ben Nadler, Benjamin Kraco, Big Cartel, Bjorn Miner, BlackFemPress-Melanie Stevens, Brandon Lehmann, Brandon Vosika, Bred Press, Bruce Simon, Bubbles Fanzine

C.M. Ruiz, Caitlyn Edson, Carlos B., Carmen Johns, CENS.US, CHAACK, Chloe Perkis, Chris Cajero Cilla, Christine Gutierrez, chu nap, Cold Cube Press, Cole Pauls, Colleen Frakes, Compound Butter Magazine, Conundrum Press, Corinne Halbert, Cristian Castelo

Danny Noonan, daria tessler, Darin Shuler, David Alvarado, David Lasky, Dawson Walker, DDOOGG, Dear Lois, Deborah Lee, Dennis Madamba, diasporan savant press, Donna Barr

Eileen Chavez, Elaine Lin, ELEVATOR TEETH, Elise Dietrich, Elizabeth Seibel, Ellen Lindner, Elodie Kahler,  Entre Ríos Books, Erika Rier, Eroyn Franklin, Ezra Claytan Daniels

Fantagraphics Books, Floating World Comics, Fogland Studios, Freak Comix, Fred Noland/The Funhaus

Gart Darley, Gelkheht, Glynnis Fawkes, Grace Desmarais, Greg Means

Hair Flip Comix

Issue Press, Issy Manley

Jackson Barnes, Jake Kwon, James the Stanton, Jamiyla Lowe, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Jason “JFISH” Fischer, Jayro Lantigua, JB Brager, Jenny Ziomek, Jesse Simpson, Jessica Wadleigh/BabyCatBooks, Jesus Mary Anne Joseph, Jeweler Partridge Arts, Jillian Barthold, Jim Blanchard, Jon Garaizar, Jon Strongbow, Joey Perr, Josh Simmons, Joyce R., JS.press, Judah Drury, Jul Gordon, Julia K

Kacy McKinney, Kalen Knowles, Kate Lacour, Katie Fricas, Katie Haegele, Katie Langlois, Katie Wheeler, Kayla Rosen, Kelly Froh, Kelly Morgan, Kimberly Edgar, King County Library Makerspace, KOREANGRY, Kristine Evans, Krusty Wheatfield

Laura Knetzger, Lauren Armstrong, Lauren Maxwell, Lemon Drop Press//Anjelica Colliard, Levi Hastings, Liminal Earth, Lindsay Anne Watson, Little Wing, Liz Sux, liz yerby, Long Shot Printing, Lori D., LOVE & ANXIETY, Lucy Comer, Luis Portillo

M. Sabine Rear, Madeline Berger, Malaka Gharib, Magda Boreysza, Mannie Murphy, Marc Palm, Mark Badger, Matt Schumacher, Max Clotfelter, Megan Ramirez, Michael Koehler, Miles MacDiarmid, Mimi Jaffe, Mita Mahato, Mo Quick, Moniker Press, Myra Lara

Naoshi/Himi Kozue/Aki Miyajima, Natalie Dupille, Nhatt Nichols, Neoglyphic Media, Nicole Del Rio, November Garcia

Octopus Books/Fonograf Editions

Pam Wishbow, Papeachu Press, Paper Press Punch, Pat Moriarity, Patrick Keck, Pegacron, Perfectly Acceptable Press, Pete Faecke, Peter Bagge, Piggy Bank Zines, POMEgranate Magazine, Public Health-Seattle & King County, Push/Pull Press


Rachel Bard, Rachel Comics, Really Easy Press, Rebecca Artemisa, Robin Elan, Rory Frances, Rose Metting, Rosie Lockie, Ross Jackson, Rumi Hara

Sarah Mirk, Sarah Romano Diehl, Scott R. Miller, Sean Christensen, SEAT, Seattle Art Book Fair, Seattle Public Library, Seattle Walk Report, Shelf Shelf, Silver Sprocket, Simon Hanselmann, Smoke Specs Press, SPECSWIZARD, Spencer Scudder, Steven Christie, Steven Reddy, sunshine gao,  Sydney Chavan

T. Buchanan, T. Edward Bak, Tatiana Gill, Taylor Hanigosky, teenage dinosaur, jason t. miles, Tessa Brunton, The Art of Avy Jetter, The Mushroom Queendom, Tijuana Zine Fest, Till, Tenzing Lhamo Dorjee, Tobangus Comix, tommi parrish, Tory Franklin, Travis Rommereim

Wave Books, Will@transboycomics, Winter texts press

Zack Soto, Zak Sally/La Mano 21, Zine Hug, Zine Team at The Center School


One of Short Run’s primary values from our very beginning has been to engage our local community of readers with the wide world of cartoonists and artists. Even when our festival was quite small, we developed collaborations and friendships with cartoonists based outside of the United States whose work we loved; we encouraged them to come to our annual festival and, when we had the resources, hosted them as special guests. As Americans, we have seen the impact that immigration, customs, and border patrol policies have on people’s lives, careers, and health. The effect of these policies is now being felt at Short Run. We are gravely disappointed that we are unable to host two of our special international guests this year. We are very sorry to announce that Abraham Díaz (Mexico) and Marc Bell (Canada) will not be joining us for Short Run 2019.


Special Guests are asked to contribute to the festival in many ways, such as: a performance, an artist talk, as part of a panel discussion; t-shirt, tote bag, badge, or poster design; mentoring of the Dash Grant winner; showing original art in one of several art shows; interviews and other press to help promote the festival.


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