Katie Kelso Travel Grant

Two $200 travel grants will be awarded this year to traveling exhibitors who express financial need. Short Run had the honor of knowing Katie Kelso, a true adventurer and lover of books, who passed away in 2017. Her gift helps artists with travel expenses getting to Seattle for Short Run. We will never forget her!

Along with your exhibitor application, please email us a 1 sentence statement of need in order to be considered for this grant.

Dash Grant winner 2018 November Garcia!


We’re excited to announce that November Garcia is our Dash grant winner for 2018. We are looking forward to helping her publish Marlarkey #3, her autobiographical mini-comic. Garcia is a cartoonist born and raised in the Philippines. She lived in San Francisco for most of her 20s and 30s but has now moved back home. We are interested in the comics she makes documenting this change of lifestyle. We can’t wait to have her at Short Run in November!  Read more…

Top 5 Lists from Short Run & Friends

Cold Cube #3 (anthology)

Here are the results of a request for Top 5 lists – mini-comics, comicbooks, graphic novels, and webcomics that were read and enjoyed this year, from us and friends of Short Run. Not all these comics were made in 2017, and all lists are in random order. We hope you check out these books as you do your holiday shopping (for others, or yourself)!  Read more…

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Dash Winner 2017 Rebecca Artemisa



Rebecca’s proposed comic re-tells the Mexican urban legend/ghost story of La Llorona (the weeping woman). The comic will include retablos (devotional paintings) dedicated to her legend, as well as interactive ghost story instructions for the reader, spells, brujeria (witchcraft), and will be done entirely from La Llorona’s silent, observant perspective. We were captivated by her beautiful gouache paintings and story synapsis and are excited to see the finished comic!  Read more…